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Name:Three by Three
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This is a writing and art challenge meant to encourage you to look beyond that one single pairing you adore and explore others, in a lightweight, quickly-finished method that hopefully will give you some fun without leaving you feeling weighed down.

1. You must choose three separate characters and a theme set for each claim.
2. There is no time limit on a claim.
3. There is no limit to how many people may have the exact same claim.
4. You may have up to 9 claims at any given time. If you have 9 claims, and want to claim something else, drop or complete one of your current claims first.

Fiction & Art
1. I highly recommend that you crosspost or link to your story or artwork, rather than solely posting it in the community.
2. If you have chosen characters A, B, and C from a fandom, and would like to write an A/B story or draw a B/C pic, that is fine. However, that will only count for one of your nine works.
3. Stories of any length are welcome.
4. All art is welcome.
4. Please include warnings on any questionable matter in your work, even if you don't like to include warnings as a rule. This is for the comfort of others.
5. If you are concerned about warnings, err on the side of caution.
6. All works should be posted behind a cut, with a heading outside of the cut to help people know what they're about to read or view.

1. Post one fanwork per entry, please.
2. Crossposting and linking are both welcome here. Linking works best if you are hoping to keep the comments in a single place.
3. Do not spam this community with anything other than fanworks. There are places for everything else.
4. Post using the heading below.

1. Comments are welcome on fanworks.
2. If an author or artist would like to avoid comments, he or she may remove the comments feature from that post, or screen comments.
3. Follow the Golden Rule.

Quick Links
Check the rules here.
Claim here. Comment here when you're dropping, too.
Completed claims here. Comment here when you've completed your claim.
Theme sets here. Pick one before you claim.
Questions/concerns, contact me here. (Replies are screened.)
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